MFF: Unintended [Melbourne]
MFF: Unintended [Melbourne]

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Tuesday September 29, 2015
7:00 PM


Community Hub Theatrette, South Melbourne Town Hall
208 - 220 Bank Street

Auslan Interpreter/s

Susan Emerson

Language/ Cultural Consultant


$10/ $20

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Join us onstage and fight the petty and the patronising in two playful, provocative Forum Theatre shows, from Rebus Theatre, a Canberra-based mixed ability company. Each play is showing at Melbourne Fringe for one night only.

In Unintended (Tuesday 29th) it’s hard to get and keep a job if you’re visually impaired or have an anxiety disorder. A Day in the Life (Wednesday 30th) follows a woman with Down syndrome being patronised, ignored and bullied.

Forum Theatre is part of the arsenal of the Theatre of the Oppressed, Brazilian director Augusto Boal’s system for unleashing the power of theatre to change the world. In Forum Theatre we perform our play twice. The first time, we show how bad things can get for people living with disabilities- the second time, you can choose (if you want) to come onto the stage, replace one of our actors, and fight back. Forum Theatre is widely studied but rarely performed for the general public.

This is your chance to experience it with an experienced cast of players, with and without disabilities. Rehearse the revolution!

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