Waterloo (Bondi Festival) [Sydney]
Waterloo (Bondi Festival) [Sydney]

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Friday July 7, 2023
7:00 PM


Bondi Pavilion Theatre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Bondi Beach, NSW

Auslan Interpreter/s

Alyssa Haigh

Language/ Cultural Consultant


From $36

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Award-winning performer, Bron Batten, wrestles with love and war in an explosive interrogation of her ill-fated affair with a conservative military official. A bittersweet romance crossed with an action blockbuster, Waterloo explores what happens when a lefty, Greens-voting, almost-vegan theatre artist dates a right-wing, cigar-smoking Margaret Thatcher-loving Tory soldier.

A cutting-edge piece of contemporary theatre, Waterloo exposes our human fascination with destruction, whether it be emotional, material, personal or political. Waterloo examines the ideological distance between right and left, and troubles at the deep-seated moral dilemmas of human behaviour.

A playful, disturbing and political contemporary performance, Waterloo invites the audience to examine their own ideological beliefs around war, politics and the military. It asks them to engage with the possibility of enacting violence and what they could indeed be capable of, given half a chance.

At turns hilarious, heart-wrenching and poignant, Waterloo is an unmissable modern morality tale from the creator of the sold-out 2022 Bondi Festival hit Onstage Dating.


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